Monday 29 June

On Monday 22 June I had a very amiable meeting with Andy Lobato and Sue Gear of North Devon+. We discussed a general way forward to help ensure we in North Devon are receiving value for the money that is being paid, so that this can be demonstrated to our residents.

On Wednesday 24 June the Chief Executive and I met with Devon County Council Leader John Hart and his CEO. This was to discuss the details around the Civic Centre, now that we have vacated this building. The meeting was very worthwhile and I am currently awaiting the finer detail that we discussed. I do not want to give the wrong information, however, suffice to say it appears to be a fair settlement for both parties.

On Thursday 25 June Cllr David Luggar and I met with our communications team to explore various ways in which we as a council can communicate. In particular, we discussed ways we might be able to communicate with the residents of our area.

Friday 26 June, we had a joint meeting with Mid Devon between myself, Mike Mansell, Kevin Finan CEO of Mid Devon, the Leader of Mid Devon Cllr Clive Eginton, the IT portfolio holder at Mid Devon Colin Slade and Christina Cross our IT specialist for new platforms. We were setting the parameters for the future of our IT. We have some way to go and we have asked Christina to bring a paper back by the end of October 2015, so that we can review this and see if we are able to recommend the outcome to our Executives.

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