Round-up of the week

Monday 29th June  – I had an early start, arriving at Brynsworthy at 6.50am to brief the Waste and Recycling staff prior to them starting their respective rounds. It was a very convivial meeting, just to introduce myself to the crews, to give them a council update and to ask if they had any questions for me.

This was followed in the afternoon with a very useful meeting with Martyn Gimber at North Devon Homes, where we discussed a variety of issues, specifically how we could help one another in the coming months.

Tuesday 29th June – Chief Executive Mike Mansell and I went to the Ilfracombe Centre to brief our staff there on the way forward and for me to re-introduce myself to them.

Wednesday 1st July – The council’s ICT section and I went to the Woodlands Centre at South Molton for an away day with the IT section of Mid Devon District Council. This time was used to discuss the future of IT and to let the two respective IT sections get to know one another. It was a very successful day.

Thursday 2nd July – I had a meeting with our Economic Development team, along with Cllr Paul Crabb and Cllr Pat Barker. This was to discuss the Ilfracombe Regeneration Board and the way forward. We have now set a date for the end of the month to look at future projects in and around Ilfracombe.

After this meeting, the Chief Executive and I carried out four more staff visits, once again to meet our officers and to give them a council update.

Friday 3rd July – I attended a final staff visit, which means we have now completed all sections of the council and it seems they have been a success. This was followed by a meeting between myself, Mike Mansell, Economic Development Manager Ellen Vernon, North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones, Cllr Pat Barker and representatives of the Local Enterprise Partnership in the form of Chris Garcia and Heidi Hallam. This was a very useful meeting where we discussed how best the LEP could help us. The MP also advised us on the Link Road from his perspective.

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