A look back at the last week

On Tuesday 7 July, Cllr Dick Jones and I were shown around the Queen’s Theatre by Director Alan Dodd. This was a very useful exercise and we have arranged to visit the Landmark Theatre also, which will probably be in August.

On Tuesday afternoon, I met with the Chairman of Barnstaple Football Club to discuss parking issues around the club site. Our Head of Property and Technical Services, Diana Hill, will now look at ways we can try to assist this club. As you may know, Cllr Jasmine Chesters is the Chair there and she has steered them through some sticky times and is to be commended for that, along with the fact that the team has performed brilliantly this year, earning promotion.

On Wednesday, we had a busy evening at Full Council. You can read the full agenda on the council’s website. The minutes of the meeting will also be published on our website soon.

Then on Thursday, Cllrs Pat Barker, Dick Jones and I had a meeting with John Evans at their depot in Bideford. It was a constructive meeting where they wanted to show us around their new training facility for apprentices and explain the scheme they have running in Exeter for Heavy Goods Drivers.

Friday was a catch-up day and a chance to review the forthcoming Executive meeting. This was followed in the afternoon by a visit to Ilfracombe for the One Ilfracombe events day, followed by the One Ilfracombe AGM.

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