Friday 17 July

Hello everyone. Here’s a brief update on my week.

On Monday 13 July, I met with Cllr Pat Barker and Ellen Vernon and Sally Nelson from our Economic Development team to discuss regeneration issues in Ilfracombe. This was followed by a flood defence meeting, involving town and district councillors and partner organisations. You can read more information about this on our news website.

Tuesday 14 July, Executive met and there were two main issues that were agreed. One was the Woodlands Centre at Pathfields, South Molton. The agreement was to purchase the Home and Communities Agency interest of 39% from them, so that North Devon Council will then have full control of this in the future.

The other item, which is exceptionally important, is the leisure centre and it was agreed by Members that we should have a new centre. The Leader of the opposition was there and fully supported this direction of travel. Our task now is to draw down funding and work up a plan of both funding and a detailed architectural plan, plus of course we need a project management plan.

Following Executive, I met with Ben who is on work experience with our Member Services. He is a student at South Molton and he was a well informed young man who grasped the answers to his questions and was able to probe in more detail. I hope he has enjoyed his time with us.

On Thursday 16th July, I visited South Molton and had a very productive discussion with South Molton Mayor, Town Clerk and members of the council. The ward members were also there, as was Cllr Jeremy Yabsley. I toured the town hall, the market and went to the Amory Centre for a briefing.

Friday 17 July – I had an early start to arrive for a meeting at County Hall, Exeter of the South West Councils. There were many topics discussed, from the cost of the living wage to combined authorities, as well as school funding in the region.

Have a good weekend!

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