20 to 24 July

On Monday 20 July, Councillors Glyn Lane, Richard Edgell, John Mathews and I had a meeting with the Larkbear Action Group (LAG), along with planning officers, county officers from highways, the bus company Stagecoach and the police. We are still trying to resolve an issue around Lake Lane. However, I am hopeful we are close to a possible solution. If not, it will return to the Planning Committee to review and resolve.

Tuesday 21 July, I met with the developer of Anchorwood Bank so that he could bring me up to speed on the development and way forward. One of the issues for them is to help fund a pedestrian and cycle bridge between the site and the town centre. This (if it comes to fruition) would start in the middle of the site and terminate near the Queen Anne buildings, so there was a direct link into Cross Street and the High Street.

This was followed by a Local Plan meeting, which was a debrief and way forward discussion, following on from the meeting that Cllr Jeremy Yabsley, Cllr Pat Barker and officers had with the Minister at Westminster a couple of weeks ago. Our planners have been given a clear steer to get the plan ready for submission in September 2015!

Wednesday 22 July, we had an Executive workshop to review portfolios and to see if they match what we are trying to achieve. This was a useful exercise. We looked at corporate objectives with a view to the growth agenda for North Devon. We also looked at the organisation development agenda. We agreed that to be too reliant on central government would be a mistake, given the economic situation we as a council need to ensure that our growth agenda with regard to housing is robust and in keeping with our lovely area.

On Wednesday afternoon I had a meeting with Head of Environmental Health and Housing, Jeremy Mann, and Community Protection Manager, Amanda Palmer, to discuss one of my areas of responsibility – emergency planning.

On Thursday 23 July, Cllr Dick Jones and I had a meeting with North Devon Theatres Trust representatives and our officers, including the CEO. This is to ensure we keep up to date with them as the theatres are an asset of the council.


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