Roundup – 7 September 2015

As many will now be aware, the Oliver Buildings have currently been listed. This will be met with mixed views I am sure. My take on this is that for the developer to have a really good design structure on Anchorwood Bank, the Oliver Buildings may just look out of place. We’ll see.

I have had discussion with Devon County Council about the road layout on Seven Brethren, I have noticed that traffic backs up trying to get into and out of Lidl and into and out of Halfords if there are right turns involved. My suggestion has been to have a one-way system in place. However, this will stimulate debate and there are other views like having another exit from the Lidl car park onto the leisure centre side of the area. Not sure what you think?

The new road layout at the Stones has caused some confusion. If one is coming down the hill from Sticklepath you need to be aware of the changes – and if you are going left, stay in the inside lane. If you are heading for the town, you will need the centre lane and to Seven Brethren it’s the outer lane. It is the middle and outer lanes that have caused some difficulty. Please be careful.

The recent flooding on the Stones side of the Taw Bridge caused chaos a couple of weeks ago. I have been assured that the drains will be cleaned out prior to the heavy winter period. We will monitor this in the time ahead.

Finally, the council is being consulted on plans for the future of community hospitals across northern Devon. The council has serious concerns about the proposals and how the consultation is being carried out. We will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure the community is not adversely affected by the outcome.

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